Hi all,

So after a good few weeks of hard work the new website is now live! We absolutely love it and hope you all do too. A big thank you to the team at Creative Monster who makes all of the images inside my head turn into web pages!

The website content has been re-written in a question and answer format to make sure you can find what you need to know as quickly as possible. It’s fully responsive so you have full functionality whether you’re on a desktop, mobile phone or tablet. And, you can make booking requests online so organising your vehicles maintenance can be done as and when you have time rather than being limited to our working hours or emailing.

You might notice the total change to our branding too. We really wanted to change our logo to something a little more fitting for the quality that we strive for and the amount of time we’ve been in business. So you’ll soon see the branding on our signage, loan car, uniforms etc update bit by bit.

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