Car Engine Management/Diagnostics, Dorking, Surrey

It’s never nice when your car goes wrong. From tyres and brakes, to heating and air conditioning, it’s always frustrating. But quite possibly most frustrating when a fault happens and you can’t see it, and all you have to go by is a little orange light or confusing message displayed on the dashboard!

Vehicle diagnostics can be tricky at times. It takes extensive knowledge to know the difference between a vehicle possibly needing a wiring repair, replacement components or a software upgrade.

Why does my car need diagnostics?

When a fault occurs, it creates something called a fault code. These codes are generated and logged by the vehicle in relation to what part of the vehicle needs attention. These codes can be very specific, but sometimes have multiple reasons reasons for failure. This is where a technician’s knowledge is vital.

Time must be taken to identify what system on the car is faulty, and decipher between multiple components on that system that could be causing a fault. For example: A fault code may be present within the vehicle relating to fuel pressure. Its through diagnostics where it can be discovered to be a possible fault with either the fuel filter, fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel dilution etc.

Because diagnostics require you to be very specific, it can sometimes take longer than expected. But being more specific and accurate means it is a lot more likely a correct solution is achieved first time, rather than replacing multiple parts through the process of trial and error.

How do i get diagnostics on my car?

Here at Tutts of Dorking, we provide our technicians with state of the art diagnostic equipment to be able to achieve a positive result every time. The main diagnostic equipment we use is:

  • Volkswagen Group ODIS
  • Bosch KTS 570

These different systems provide us with a huge advantage of gaining results and diagnosing vehicles correctly first time, in time. If your vehicle needs diagnostics, please give us a call. Our service team and technicians are always willing to help to ensure you are able to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

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