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Which make of car do you service at Tutts of Dorking?

We service and maintain absolutely all makes and models, from Alfa Romeo to Volvo, and have been doing so since Jim and Iris Tutt started the business in 1960.
We have been specialising in VW group vehicles since 2005, please visit our dedicated page for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda servicing.

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Can I have my service and MOT done at the same time?

Yes, no problem at all. We have on site MOT testing facilities and all of our technicians are trained to MOT test. We have a page dedicated to information on our MOT Testing service, please click here to view the page.

Will having my service carried out at Tutts of Dorking affect my manufacturer warranty?

No, absolutely not. We will follow the manufacturers exact service schedule so that your warranty remains unaffected.
Automotive Industry Block Exemption Rules state that “A warranty will not expire if servicing or maintenance has been performed by an independent repairer”. It even goes as far as to state that “Manufacturers cannot impose a condition preventing consumers from having their vehicles repaired with alternative, independent parts”.

How much will a service on my car cost? Are you able to give me a price?

Yes of course, we service to the manufacturers schedule wherever possible so we know that your car is getting the most appropriate maintenance. We will, of course, work around you and your personal requirements should you decide you want an alternative service carried out.
There are a few things that we’ll need, like the registration number and current mileage.
Please either give us a call on 01306 286014 or fill in the service price request form below and we will take a look in to it for you and get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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What service parts and oils do you use?

We always use very high quality parts and oils.
For VW group vehicles we use genuine service parts (many of which we keep in stock) and for other car brands we tend to use mainly Mahle filter who are an original equipment supplier to over 140 engine and vehicle manufacturers. We will however use what you would prefer, so please just ask if you have specific requirements.
We stock 5 different grades of oil so we can ensure that we’re using the correct oil for your car, whether it’s petrol, diesel, standard or extended service intervals or needs a low ash oil because its fitted with a diesel particulate filter.
If you’re considering using another garage, please do remember to ask about the quality of the parts that they are intending to use and the quality and grade of the engine oil, they are very important factors and our service advisors are more than happy to offer you free advice.

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What qualifications do your technicians have?

All of our technicians have at least a level 3 NVQ in Vehicle Service & Maintenance. All have on-going training and development plans (your education never ends in this industry) and all are currently being put through their Automotive Technician Accreditation so you can rest assured that your car is being looked after by fully trained technicians when it’s at Tutts of Dorking.

Why do I need to have my car serviced?

Whilst the annual MOT is a relatively good check of the general condition of a vehicle, it is really only quite a basic safety check in comparison to the inspections carried out during a service.
An MOT test also does not include replacement of any parts, e.g. engine oil and filter, pollen, air or fuel filters or spark plugs (if fitted).

It’s never been truer when you say the old adage “prevention is better than cure”. Having servicing carried out at the correct intervals, as set by the manufacturer, is imperative to the health of your car and can prevent premature engine wear and avoidable faults. It can also help to protect the environment and keep your fuel costs down.

It is also important that you keep the service record up to date to ensure you get the best resale price when you come to sell it on.

Servicing must also be carried out if your vehicle is still under manufacturers warranty of you have an independent warranty, failure to do so will mean that the policy is invalid.

How often should I have a service carried out on my car?

There’s no easy answer to this one unfortunately, as manufacturers set different service schedules. Most are 10,000-12,500 or 12 months (whichever comes first) but there are quite a few manufacturers who now have variable or extended service intervals (normally to a maximum of 20,000 miles or 2 years) and some even use Condition Based Servicing where the vehicles on board computer controls the service interval based on the mileage, it’s all turned in to quite a complicated affair!

If you’re unsure of when your car needs a service then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01306 286014 and we will be more than happy to look in to it for you and advise accordingly.

I don’t do very many miles; do I still need to follow the manufacturers service interval?

Yes, we would very strongly advise that you do. Oil contamination is actually far more common in vehicles covering a low mileage, doing short runs and enduring frequent cold starts.

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