Most people aren’t, and it’s easily forgotten.

It’s vital to make sure your tyre pressures are correct, not only for safety but also for fuel economy and extending the life of your tyres.

A recent study at a UK motorway service area took 155,000 readings over the course of a year and the result was that around a quarter of the cars checked had a least one tyre which was dangerously under-inflated.

Figures show that around 25 fatalities and 1,500 serious injuries are caused by poorly inflated or defective tyres in the UK every single year. And just over 20% of vehicle breakdowns are tyre and/or wheel related so we all need to be more vigilant.

It is strongly advisable to check your tyre pressures every month and before long journeys. It’s also imperative to regularly check the tread depth and for damage to the tyre walls and tread.

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